Benefits of ICF Credentialing

Individual Credentialing

The International Coach Federation has been driving  the development of professional coaching for over a decade. When they see an ICF Credential, clients can be confident that the coach can demonstrate not only knowledge and skill, but also a commitment to high professional standards and a strong code of ethics. Anyone serious about building or maintaining a coaching business should pursue ICF Credentials or accreditation with one of the similar professional bodies such as EMCC or AoC .  They will then find themselves part of the profession that has chosen to regulate itself and provide accountability to clients and indeed the broader profession. The aims of credentialing are as follows: To protect and give service to consumers, both clients and commissioners To quality assure the competence of individual coaches To inspire continuous professional development and make it a norm To build up the coaching profession Practical Advantages for the Coach Higher than average earnings (Europe and US) Greater satisfaction expressed and more recommendations made Confidence of clients that you are taking your work seriously Don’t Stop There The ICF have a rigorous approach to credentialing, involving training , Coach Mentoring and examination recordings. The learning and  impact on an individuals coaching practice of the process has been transformational. Don’t wait for the next 3 year deadline to start ticking the boxes. Get into the regular habit of having supervision from a qualified Supervisor and Mentor Coach. Keep yourself on you toes and your clients served well.