Integrated Coaching

Coaching for Executives and their Partners

Executive and Partner Integrated CoachingIndividuals at the top of their game need the best support around them and that includes the people closest to them (their partners and families) giving them honest feedback and open challenge. This is a healthy part of any relationship, happens well in robust partnerships and can become a cause of friction when major changes or crises are experienced, especially when they are seen as driven by the employer without due regard for the family.

I work with senior executives and their life partners through Integrated Coaching where both parties come as equal clients with a common focus of using the strengths in their relationship:

  • to clearly understand the situation they are in,
  • identify and understand the choices they have and
  • hold themselves accountable for taking action as agreed.

I find the greatest benefit is the learning and communication strategies they develop as a couple to deal with future changes and challenges that are inevitable in a lengthy senior career.  

When do executives use Integrated Coaching:

Younger Executive and Partner Integrated CoachingThe more high profile and successful an individual, the less likely they and their partners are to show vulnerability and to show cracks in their ‘family brand” so relationship counseling is often not an appropriate resource. A focused set of ‘Integrated Coaching’ conversations, building on the strengths of the relationship can be an effective use of time and energy. Likely scenarios include:

  • During career transition
  • Transition to a new role
  • Movement to a new location
  • Acceptance of new responsibilities such as taking on international responsibilities

“It enabled us to explore things that otherwise we might not have talked about and it gave us a very simple, effective and supportive structure to talk through how we were both feeling” Catherine HR Director

Why companies invest in their Executives in this way?

As organizations increasingly work globally offering 24hr customer service the myth that senior executives can separate home and work is being seriously debunked. As individuals rise through organizations more and more demands are made on them and their time and research shows that they end up with increasingly less control of their diaries. Shared digital diaries and Smart Phones allow the business to enter the home and family space.

Relatively minor tensions at home can distract an executive from giving their full attention to their work. By offering Integrated Coaching an organization can:

  • Ensure focused delivery of results
  • Increased resilience in key managers
  • Demonstrably show that they value the executive as a ‘whole person’
  • Acknowledge the impact modern working life can have on the phone
  • Build trust between the organization and the ‘significant others’. Greater trust will result in quicker decision making by the executive and partner when issues impact the home