Coach Supervision and Mentor Coaching

Are you looking for an experienced supervisor to work with you in reflecting on and developing your coaching practice?

Coaches need support and supervision

Coaches need support and peer group challenge

What is not to enjoy about Supervision?

“A series of reflective conversations that ensures a coach engages in quality learning thereby driving professional development and personal growth.”

My experience has shown me that supervision is an essential requirement for any professional coach looking to work in the public, private of charity sector. It is the tried and tested way of ensuring that the coach and the client are safe and value is delivered from ongoing coaching relationships. I believe that a clear understanding of the contract between coach, client and any commissioners of the work will need regular focus and review.
As coaches encourage their clients to reflect and learn from their experiences in real time. Supervision gives the coach a structure for role modelling that behaviour to analyse, understand and improve the live coaching conversations. As key is the opportunity that supervision gives coaches to become conscious of all they are hearing from the client and to be clear about the boundaries of their work.

Ethical questions will arise and I know the importance of giving time and serious attention to them within supervision sessions to ensure coaches remain authentic to their personal values.

Are you working towards an ICF accreditation and want to gain rigorous and helpful feedback from your mentor coach hours?

More organisations are using coach accreditation as a way of choosing the coaches they work with, they are trusting the national and international coaching bodies to give quality assurance on the level of coaching expertise.

I have enjoyed working with coaches seeking their initial accreditation for many years and know how luxurious it can feel to review a coaching session and explore the richness and subtleties of the core coaching competences.

Whether you want to work individually or as a group to study and develop the art of coaching competence, contact me and we can arrange sessions that will prepare you for gaining accreditation.