Coach Development and Training

Developing Line Managers Coaching Skills

Developing Coaching Skills

Leaders and managers need a range of management styles so that they can respond to different situations, demands and develop the individuals they work with. They need to be flexible in approach in order that they can deliver the best results possible.

Coaching is a subtly but significantly different approach to building confidence in individuals and helping them have the motivation and confidence to work through ‘stuff’ themselves with a minimal input from a manager. Managers tend, in general, to be strong in giving direction and making suggestions, our Coach Training, ‘Coaching for Performance’ stretches and enables the managers by:

  • Raising their awareness of their own ‘need to help’; ‘need to be expert’; ‘caution in letting go’
  • Building the skills of clarifying objectives, raising awareness, powerful questioning and building accountability for results
  • Building competence and confidence of helping people think

For some organisations it is a crucial tool in challenging an overly reliant culture of staff who expect managers to make all the decisions and take all the responsibility.

Feedback from delegates

“We all now see how my desire to help has held the team back. My team now know I trust them to get on with the work, whilst acting as a sounding board” June, Commercial manager

“This has been one of the most useful and challenging training I have been involved in as a manager. It has pulled so many pieces together” Rob, Clinical manager

“It is still hard not to slip back into old habits but we are becoming clearer about when I need to make the decision and when it is much better for the team to work it out for themselves. I am more confident about my role in both situations” Stuart, Legal Team Leader

Developing an Internal Coaching Network

A no brainer when looking at the value add! Creates a culture of results focused dialogue and individuals taking responsibility for action.

Networks of coaches developed internally in the business give great value coaching for individuals and the organisation.