Fiona Elder, PCC, ICF

Thanks for taking time to read my profile please get in touch if you want to discuss my work of coaching for results and a broad range of executive education.

With a 25yr business career and now waving all my 3 children off to independent life (mixed feelings!) I know how interdependent all parts of our lives are. Many businesses expect individuals to disconnect from the hassles and curve balls flying at them from every direction and I work with the corporate and individual client to accept and use all experiences.

As an ICF credentialed coach, mediator and coach supervisor with over 20 years experience of working with high achievers in UK and global companies I focus on helping executives and teams to

  • Clarify future goals
  • Improve performance though teams and stakeholders networks
  • Build sustainable results through strong relationships
  • Maximise results from new opportunities

I value managers and executives as unique people and have seen at first hand how the pressures, and opportunities that come from being at the top of your game and in public view can impact on self confidence and personal relationships. Having also trained and practised as a relationship counsellor I work with executives and their partners to help them consciously adapt to changes and achieve desired results together.

I recognise that place of being stuck and unable to decide on the best way forward. Integrated coaching (working with high performers and their life partners) allows two people with a robust relationship to weather the buffeting of stress and changing circumstances. For Example:

  • Redundancy
  • Promotion and job change
  • Change in focus
  • Pressures of life stages

Specialties: Creating the conditions for effective conversations. Defining outcomes through Stakeholder Analysis and Success Modelling. Leadership and Development programmes for Managing in Change. Personal and integrated coaching of high achievers and their ‘significant others’ . Type and Temperament approach to increasing Personal Awareness