Sample Coach Training Outline

Sample Training Outline

Session 1 Introductions and course set-up

  • Why Coaching?
  • Defining Coaching?
  • When is it most useful?
Session 2 Pairs initial coaching practice –Personal Coaching Challenges:

  • Developing the Competences
  • Structuring the Conversation
Session 3 Values in the mind of the Coach
Session 4 Direct communication
Session 5 Deep listening and powerful questions
Session 6 Triad practice coaching sessions-focus on outcomes
Session 8 Review of learningClose


Day 2

Session 9 Reflections through ‘powerful questions’
Session 10 Coaching demonstration by accredited coach
Session 11 Coaching presence
Session 12 Triad practice coaching sessions-focus on actions
Session 13 Coaching surgery
Session 14 Paired coaching on action plans
Session 15 Final review and close