Executive Coaching & Development

Pressures outside the workplace can add stressAs an experienced and accredited ICF coach, I work with leaders helping them to build resilience and to increase their influence and impact. Using a systemic and pragmatic approach I naturally value and work with the individuality and personal strengths of my clients. I enable people and teams to deliver organisational results through building challenging, yet supportive business and personal relationships.

Career/Role Transition Coaching

I specialise in working with executives moving between roles and careers when extra pressures can result from relationships outside the workplace from partners and families- key stakeholders. Managing the impact of change at home can sometimes be more challenging than managing at work. In this arena I often work with couples (Integrated Coaching). The focus on delivery of result is the same but the scope of discussion and awareness building is broader.

Executive Resilience Coaching

Are there issues outside work that ‘are part of life’s rich tapestry’ and causing a distraction that you want to take control of?”

Having worked successfully with Relate for 8 years, I have particular experience of working with the pressures that job changes, relationship issues, stress and, sometimes alcohol, can bring. This expertise allows me to coach executives and safely refocus the work onto delivering results in a sustainable way.

Early Career Coaching

I have worked with young professionals in the private and public sector, helping them to make sense of their new working environment and to develop sustainable ways of prioritising and delivering results. We focus on delivery of immediate results while allowing the client to consciously develop their own leadership identity.